Union Star Lodge No. 320 Initiates New Entered Apprentice

On Monday evening, November 21, 2022, Union Star Lodge No. 320 F.A.&M. performed the 1st Degree ritual to initiate Brother Mark Spezzano as it’s latest Entered Apprentice. In September, Jorge Del Toro was similarly initiated.

The event was well attended, including Assistant Grand Lecturer
V⸫W⸫ James MacDuff.

The Brothers of the Lodge, as always, tried their hardest to make this an unforgettable event for Brother Spezzano and he seemed very pleased and honored by their effort. The historical lecture was performed with exquisite ability by W⸫ Michael Pettinato of ERAC Lodge No. 163.

At 6:30pm preceding the event, the brothers hosted a dinner for the candidate. Brother Richard Kahl cooked up plenty of servings of ham, scalloped potatoes, and a mix of green and wax beans. Stuffed mushrooms prepared for Saturday’s gala by W⸫M⸫ Jacob Anderson also found their way on the menu.

Following the dinner, the brothers repaired to the Lodge Room on the third floor at 7:30pm to convene a Special Communication for the Entered Apprentice Degree. The ceremony concluded roughly at 10:00pm, whereupon the brothers posed for the picture seen below, taken by V⸫W⸫ James MacDuff.

Afterward, the brothers gathered for refreshments in the game room.

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